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About Ultrafiltrates

What are Ultrafiltrates?

Peptide Ultrafiltrates are, put plain and simple, the next generation of dietary supplements. Thanks to the manufacturing process, they work both on a cell and sub-cell basis. The size of the final peptides, 5-10 kDa, allows them to travel through the cell wall, and so they support the natural processes of the body – revitalisation, regeneration, rejuvenation.

Thanks to their ingredients and the manufacturing process, they are raw, natural and – in the case of fyto ultrafiltrates – vegan-friendly. We place great emphasis on selecting the right ingredients so that they do not drag down your body with side effects and only support the natural regenerative ability of your cells in all the important bodily systems – skin, digestive, immune, nerve or locomotor.

How are Ultrafiltrates applied?
Rinse your mouth
with clean water
opacity  mood Knock the ampule
contents under your tongue
Swallow after
one minute
timer  check_circle Do not eat or drink
for the next five minutes

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